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Vision Care News March 2019

Five Points Eye Care Center is the best place in the Athens area to keep your eyes healthy while also helping you achieve the finest possible vision. Our optometrist offers specialized care for people who have lost vision from eye diseases (our low vision rehabilitation clinic), children with vision and visual processing problems (our vision therapy and pediatric clinic) and patients with challenging contact lens or glasses needs. Let us know how we can help you!

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Progressive Lenses Vs. Bifocals in Athens

eye exam, Child with glasses peering between tree in Athens, GA

As we age, nearly everyone will experience a reduced elasticity of the lenses of their eyes — a condition called presbyopia. This can be corrected by bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses.

Bifocals: Pros & Cons

Bifocals are lenses with one area that corrects distance vision and another area that corrects near vision and has a visible line that separates the two. As presbyopia progresses it can start to affect middle distances, too, and trifocals help by adding a middle strip for things like reading a computer screen. However, some patients find the visible line to be distracting and create an odd “image jump” effect, and others feel the line(s) in the lenses to be less attractive. Anyone who feels these drawbacks are too great to overlook might be more interested in progressive lenses.

The Science of Progressive Lenses

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, progressive lenses do what bifocals and trifocals do but without the distracting lines. The way this works is that the prescription gradually changes, going from supporting distance vision at the top to close vision at the bottom. The tradeoff to make such a complex lens work is that when you look out the far bottom corners of the lenses things appear blurry or seem to have a “fishbowl” effect. Most patients adapt to this well and newer designs minimize this effect as well.

Any time we change the prescription or frame shape of our glasses, it takes some time to get used to the way things look. This is certainly the case for progressive lenses, especially if it’s your first time wearing them. Talk to our opticians about trying them out for the first time and ways to make the transition easier!

Vision Therapy Success Story

Our Vision Therapy Clinic helps kids who are struggling to read and have problems with their schoolwork. We also work to give them back their confidence. Dylan is one such success story. Dylan was struggling with math problems and was unable to copy numbers correctly. He successfully completed Vision Therapy and his reading improved tremendously, math problems are completed more accurately and his homework is completed in a timely manner. Dylan’s parents feel that Vision Therapy really helped him with his previous struggles!

The Fred Award

Celeste Dove

Celeste Dove

Every month, we have our employees nominate another employee for our “Fred Award.” A “Fred” is someone who goes out of their way to uphold our practice core values of Excellence in Eye Care, Patients Come First, and Lead by Example. As a practice, we not only want our employees to come to work to get the day’s job done, but to strive to work harder each and every day for the sake of the practice as a whole.

The Fred Award for the month of December goes to Celeste.

Celeste is one of our technicians and truly exemplified FPEC core values when she helped one of our patients from her car and into the building during a downpour in order to make sure that the patient didn’t slip and fall. This is definitely a shining example of “patients come first!”

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