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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Athens, GA Vision Center.

How Vision Therapy Can Help Children Excel in School

Vision problems can prevent your child from thriving at school. Explore how vision therapy can set your child up for success | Five Points Eye Care

Beyond Artificial Tears: Advanced Approaches to Managing Chronic Dry Eye

Don’t just rely on eyedrops, there are many ways to treat dry eyes.

Back to School Strategies for Myopia Control

To prevent myopia in children, utilizing orthokeratology, multifocal contacts, or low-dose atropine can aid in slowing its progression. Additionally, by encouraging outdoor activities and scheduling regular eye exams, you can help keep your child’s eyes healthy and clear. It is crucial to intervene early to avoid the need for invasive treatments in the future.

Achieve Clear Vision with Ortho-K

With Ortho-k, people of all ages can experience clear vision all day without wearing glasses or contact lenses.

The Link Between High Myopia and Serious Eye Diseases

High myopia – severe nearsightedness – is associated with an increased risk of serious eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Can Vision Therapy Benefit A Child With a Learning Disability?

Vision therapy can address underlying visual problems that can mimic or exacerbate a learning disability.

Eye Exam Saves Woman’s Life by Detecting Brain Tumor Early

Here's how eye exams helped save Katie's vision and quality of life. Call Five Points Eye Care to schedule your appointment.

How Diabetes Increases Dry Eye Risk in Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents with diabetes are significantly more likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES) than their non-diabetic peers. Read on to learn why diabetics are at higher risk, and how Five Points Eye Care can help.

Concussions & Vision Problems After a Car Accident

Car accidents can often result in a concussion, a type of traumatic brain injury that can cause vision problems.

How Long Does It Take To Switch From Glasses to Scleral Lenses?

Switching from glasses to scleral contact lenses can take several weeks. your Athens eye doctor will provide instructions on how to properly insert, remove, and care for the lenses, as well as how to monitor for any potential complications. Read on to learn more.

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