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Disposable or Frequent Replacement Contact Lenses

water on blueTechnically, disposable contact lenses are those that are worn only once and then thrown away. These type of contact lenses are called daily replacement contact lenses or dailies. However, this term has come to refer to any type of contact lens that is replaced on a regular basis. The most common replacement schedules are every two weeks and every one month but quarterly replacement contact lenses also available.

Since a contact lens rests directly on the cornea, the surface of the lens must be free from deposits and clean. Otherwise, irritation, general discomfort, and infection may occur. Disposable or frequent replacement contact lenses offer better eye health since they are replaced on a regular basis, decreasing the probability of deposits and bacterial attachment to the lens. These contact lenses are often very easy to clean and usually do not require any enzymatic remover like traditional yearly replacement soft contact lenses.

Frequent replacement lenses are available in both nearsighted and farsighted corrections and toric lenses can correct for astigmatism as well. There are also designs that can help people over 40 see at both distance and when reading. Frequent replacement contact lenses are also available in several color choices, from enhancer tints to opaque lenses, designed to completely change the color of the eye. Some contact lenses even offer protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, a leading contributor to the formation of cataracts and certain retinal problems.