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Celeste Dove

Celeste Dove
Optometric Technician

Celeste joined Five Points Eye Care in August 2015. She is a graduate of Athens Technical College in Medical Assisting and works as one of our technicians as well as is our low vision rehabilitation coordinator. She currently lives in Danielsville with her young daughter. She enjoys reading, spending quality time with family and friends, traveling and being at the lake.

End of Year Reflections:

What do you love about working in Optometry?

I was raised by my legally blind grandmother and now help to take care of her. So being the low vision technician I love helping my patients to be as independent as they can and see to the best of their ability. I love being able to share my experience and techniques that helped her to still do almost everything she wanted or needed to do to stay independent even with her significant vision loss and hopefully be able to help others be the same.

Why do you love working at Five Points Eye Care?

I love how it is one big family and we are always there to help each other on bad days or cheer each other on when needed. There is always someone around to laugh with or if you need it to give you a hug and cry with you when you need it.

What’s your favorite positive patient story?

One of my favorite is I had a patient that was really struggling with her vision loss and to be able to do the things she loved to do. I took my time and showed her devices and things to potentially help. I also explained a lot of things that previous offices had never explained to her. By the end of her appointment she was crying hugging me and thanked me for everything I did to help her.