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What is Vision Therapy?

eyechart with vision therapy glassesVision Therapy (also known as vision training, visual therapy, or visual training) is therapy involving procedures (eye exercises) which are aimed at improving visual skills such as helping the eyes work together as a team, binocular coordination and depth perception, focusing, acuity (clarity of sight), and "hand-eye" or "vision-body" coordination. Vision therapy can involve a variety of procedures to correct neurophysiological or neurosensory visual dysfunctions and is important for young patients with amblyopia or "lazy eye".

Dr. Meg Brya supervises Five Points Eye Care Vision Therapy Clinic. This clinic provides individual sessions with a trained therapist for children suffering from visual problems that can affect learning, including amblyopia, also know as "lazy eye" and focusing problems.

Optometric vision therapy is an individualized treatment regimen prescribed for a patient in order to:

  • Provide medically necessary treatment for diagnosed visual dysfunctions
  • Prevent the development of visual problems
  • Enhance visual performance to meet defined needs of the patient

Optometric vision therapy is appropriate treatment for visual conditions which include, but are not limited to:

  • Strabismic and non-strabismic binocular dysfunctions;
  • Ambylopia
  • Accommodative dysfunctions
  • Ocular motor dysfunctions
  • Visual motor disorders
  • Visual perceptual (visual information processing) disorders

The systematic use of lenses, prisms, filters, occlusion and other appropriate materials, modalities, equipment and procedures is integral to optometric vision therapy. The goals of the prescribed treatment regimen are to alleviate the signs and symptoms, achieve desired visual outcomes, meet the patient's needs and improve the patient's quality of life.