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Thank you once again to Dr. Jon Forche and his staff. He’s been my lifesaver since 2007. I was in the office when he noticed I was having stroke symptoms. He sent me directly to ER, where later I did have a stroke. Thankfully, because of Dr. Forche, I was hospitalized at the time I had the stroke. Outcome was considerably different than it could have been. Thanks again!
2 weeks ago
- Lorista J.
Efficient and thorough as always. Honestly the best medical office in Athens
2 weeks ago
- Julia C.
The doctor and every member of the staff I've interacted with are unfailingly pleasant, helpful, professional, and caring. I've been going to Dr. Jon Forche for three years, and I've never felt like the emphasis is on sale of products, including glasses. The emphasis is always on my eye care, so the name of this practice is wonderfully appropriate.
1 month ago
- Jane H.
Show concern about ones problem
1 month ago
- clark m.
Friendly, professional, helpful care - always!
2 months ago
- Ken S.
Dr. Jon Forche is the best!! I called yesterday 4/5/23 for a same-day appointment for what I knew was pink eye. He got me in that afternoon and antibiotic drops a few minutes later.
2 months ago
- Christy D.
excellence service and very friendly staff i recommend their services to anyone.
2 months ago
- michael r.