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Kathy Ramsay

Kathy Ramsay
Business Office Member

Kathy Ramsay joined Five Points Eye Care in August 2016.  She has always enjoyed helping and working with patients in her many years in the medical field.  Kathy is a member of our business office, helping patients check-out.  She enjoys fishing with her husband on the weekends as well as reading, puzzles, having her granddaughter visit and playing with her three dogs.  She also loves to get out and enjoy nature.

End of Year Reflections:

What do you love about working in Optometry?

Always something new and exciting to learn concerning the eyes

Why do you love working at Five Points Eye Care?

Enjoy the patients - love listening to their stories

What’s your favorite positive patient story?

Had a patient the other day after she checked out  just wanted to Vent about some problems she was having and she thanked me for listening to her.  She was at the point of tears when she left.