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Vision Care News November 2022


Five Points Eye Care Center is the best place in the Athens area to keep your eyes healthy while also helping you achieve the finest possible vision. We offer specialized care for people who have lost vision from eye diseases (our low vision rehabilitation clinic), children with vision and visual processing problems (our vision therapy and pediatric clinic) and patients with challenging contact lenses or glasses needs.

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Why should I buy contacts with my optometrist vs. online?

Over recent years, the contact lens-wearing community has been bombarded with advertising promising low prices and convenient “to your door shipping” from online vendors of contact lenses trying to convince patients to buy their contacts online. Despite the sometimes-convincing pitches these sites make, there are many advantages to buying contacts from a local optometrist that you give up when buying online.

Contacts are often times less expensive when bought through local optometrist offices

One of the big selling points for online contact lens retailers is the promise of low prices and great deals. The claim is that you are unable to get the same low prices if you order from your optometrist. The offer sounds great, for sure, but ultimately proves to be quite false. The truth is, while the original price on some online sites may give the appearance of lower prices, the bottom line often ends up costing you more than ordering from your eye doctor’s office would have. Many eye doctors have the ability to redeem special rebates for their patients, allowing eye doctors to cut costs for you when it is all said and done.

The open box policy

Prescriptions change, and quite often at that. That’s simply how it is. However, for those unfortunate enough to have ordered their contact lenses online, if they have already opened the box, they are now stuck with these lenses, even though the contact lenses are no longer the correct prescription. On the other hand, most, if not all, optometric offices will have an “open box policy” on contact lenses bought from them. This means that if your prescription changes, you simply come to your eye doctor’s office and exchange the old prescription for your updated one, for free, even if the box is already open.

Vision Therapy Success Story

Our Five Points Eye Care Vision Therapy Clinic helps kids who are struggling to read and have problems with their schoolwork. We also work to give them back their confidence. Caleb is one such success story.

Caleb had a lack of focus going from the board at school to the papers on his desk as well as convergence problems and possible dyslexia. After beginning Vision Therapy, he has expressed more of an interest in sports and has more confidence while playing them. Because of his evaluation here, he will be tested for dyslexia, which might have gone undetected otherwise. Caleb’s family feels that Vision Therapy is “quality care with kindness” and would definitely recommend it to others.

The Fred Award

AbbyEvery month, we have our employees nominate another employee for our “Fred Award.” A “Fred” is someone who goes out of their way to uphold our practice’s core values of Excellence in Eye Care, Patients Come First, and Leading by Example. As a practice, we not only want our employees to come to work to get the day’s job done, but to strive to work harder each and every day for the sake of the practice as a whole.

The Fred Award for the month of November goes to Abby!

Abby is a big team player in our office, constantly sacrificing her own time and energy to help cover when staff is out. These contributions are super helpful to our practice during the sick season and don’t go unrecognized. We love you, Abby, thank you for everything you do!

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