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Vision Care News June 2019

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Five Points Eye Care Center is the best place in the Athens area to keep your eyes healthy while also helping you achieve the finest possible vision. We offer specialized care for people who have lost vision from eye diseases (our low vision rehabilitation clinic), children with vision and visual processing problems (our vision therapy and pediatric clinic) and patients with a challenging contact lens or glasses needs.

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Optometrist Helps Woman See Better Again 16 Years After Shingles Virus Changes Shape of Her Eye

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That optometrist is our very own Dr. Jon Forche, who is featured in Megan’s winning essay for the statewide “How an Optometrist Changed My Life” contest sponsored by the Georgia Optometric Association.

Megan was in her sophomore year of college when she developed shingles on her forehead. It presented as a painful rash and soon after her left eye became red, itchy and inflamed. The ophthalmologist she saw at the time suggested that it was a herpes virus and prescribed eye medication that she took for many years. Unfortunately, the vision in her left eye was affected by the virus and never improved. Megan’s formerly 20/15 sight in her left eye was now 20/80 due to corneal scarring and irregularity from the shingles infection. For 16 years, her decreased and distorted vision caused a great amount of frustration. Driving at night was distressing because of the glare and halos from oncoming lights, especially when it rained. The visual strain from trying to focus on up close work was also triggering migraines so the neurologist who managed her migraines referred her to Dr. Jon Forche. Upon examination, Dr. Jon Forche found that the scarring from the shingles had changed the shape of Megan’s cornea, causing severe astigmatism. The good news was that it was correctable!

One of the challenges was that the prescription needed to correct her vision in the left eye was very different from her right and her brain would not be able to adapt to the full correction immediately. So Dr. Jon Forche and Nate Sedlacek, one of our opticians, slowly increased her lens prescription over a year in order for her brain to be able to adapt. Dr. Jon Forche was able to greatly improve her functional vision and her migraines decreased. Nate worked with her to find frames to accommodate her extreme prescription for both every day wear and for her hobby as an avid cyclist.

As Megan stated, “They have mitigated to a large part one of my migraine triggers. I am so thrilled to have at least half of my sight back!”

Vision Therapy Success Story

Our Vision Therapy Clinic helps kids who are struggling to read and have problems with their schoolwork. We also work to give them back their confidence. Alex is one such success story. Alex read very slowly, skipped or misread words and had difficulty keeping his place. In short, he hated reading. Since completing therapy, Alex has learned to converge his eyes and use them together and has gone from reading basic primers to chapter books. He chooses to read on his own now and has even picked up the newspaper to read the articles and discuss them with his parents! His family would definitely recommend Vision Therapy and our Vision Therapist, Noemi, who did a great job keeping Alex engaged and on task. Per Alex’s parents, Noemi is passionate about her work!

The Fred Award


Amber Evans

Every month, we have our employees nominate another employee for our “Fred Award.” A “Fred” is someone who goes out of their way to uphold our practice core values of Excellence in Eye Care, Patients Come First, and Lead by Example. As a practice, we not only want our employees to come to work to get the day’s job done, but to strive to work harder each and every day for the sake of the practice as a whole.

The Fred Award for the month of May goes to Amber!

Amber embodied FPEC values and a selfless attitude when she really stepped in to handle multiple jobs while we were short staffed one afternoon. Thank you so much Amber!

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