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General Eye Doctor or Contact Lens Specialist?—Specialty Contacts in Athens, Georgia

"Hard-To-Fit" Contact Lenses

In the realm of healthcare, there are many conditions that are treated by a specialist, rather than a general practitioner. Eye doctors are no exception. When it comes to certain ocular conditions and complications, the most effective care is delivered by a specialist. While a general practitioner will usually be familiar with the condition, it's still going to be the specialist who has much greater experience and focused training and can, therefore, provide treatments and solutions that stand at the cutting edge of medicine and technology.

Hard-To-Fit Contact Lenses Patients

Individuals, such as people with corneal irregularities or sensitivities, require a custom or specialty contact lens. These “hard-to-fit” contact lens patients, for instance, are not candidates for wearing standard contact lenses and struggle with standard prescription eyeglasses. Fitting these advanced contact lenses requires a contact lens specialist, with the latest corneal imaging and topographic technology. At , our eye doctors are experts at fitting specialized and custom contact lenses in Athens. 

Are Your Eyes Hard-to-Fit With Contacts?

Do you find wearing contact lenses impossible, or been told that it's impossible? Are regular contacts painful or constantly uncomfortable? You aren't alone. There are many people who fall under that category of "hard-to-fit", whether due to corneal conditions, such as keratoconus, or other problems such as sensitivity or chronic dry eye. All too often, people in this category are incorrectly told that they can’t wear contact lenses. The truth is that most patients can be successfully fitted with specialized contact lenses, which deliver impressive visual clarity and unparalleled comfort.

    Conditions And Complications That Can Make Regular Contacts Unbearable

    • Astigmatism
    • Dry eyes
    • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)
    • Keratoconus
    • Post-refractive surgery like LASIK
    • Corneal irregularity or corneal dystrophy
    • Post-Corneal Transplant

    Any of these problems will typically require advanced eye care beyond the scope of general care optometry.

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    What is a Contact Lens Specialist?

    A contact lens specialist is an eye doctor who has trained extensively in the techniques and technologies required to create and fit customized contact lenses. At Five Points Eye Care, we provide hi-tech contact lens solutions to adults and children. Dr. Nadine Humen Forché will assess your contact lens needs and recommend a contact lens solution that provides the comfort, stability, and clarity you need after a quick and comfortable fitting.

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    When Should I See A Contact Lens Specialist?

    If you have any corneal irregularity or visual disorder that prevents the use of regular contact lenses, or for effective non-surgical correction for myopia, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadine Humen Forché. The first step of any treatment is the assessment, which requires specialized diagnostic and digital imaging tools, including the ability to conduct corneal topography and to produce high-resolution corneal imagery. Getting a very detailed mapping of the contours of your eyes will allow us to create a custom-fit contact lens solution for you. The most common specialty contact lens used are Scleral lenses. Ortho-K lenses are typically worn by children for myopia control or adults who want a non-surgical alternative to LASIK.

    Scleral Lenses

    Scleral Lenses—sometimes referred to as ocular surface prostheses—are large-diameter gas-permeable contact lenses that rest on the sclera and create a tear-filled vault over the cornea. The lenses, therefore, sit over an irregular cornea and not on it. Sclerals provides a perfectly smooth optical surface to correct refractive errors with tremendous accuracy while retaining maximum comfort. Scleral lenses are also fixed in place to avoid discomfort and remain in place. These specialized Scleral Contact Lenses are often the ideal solution for patients suffering from:

    • keratoconus
    • chronic dry eyes
    • SjÖgren’s syndrome
    • sensitive eyes
    • corneal ectasia
    • Steven-Johnson syndrome
    • neurotrophic keratitis
    • aniridia
    • microphthalmia
    • higher aberration of the eye
    • pellucid degeneration
    • complications from eye surgery
    • sensitive eyes
    Ortho-K Lenses

    Your contact lens specialist may also recommend the use of Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) lenses for your vision. These are rigid gas permeable contact lenses that you wear overnight. They gently reshape the cornea so that you can enjoy corrected, accurate vision during the day.  Orthokeratology is a safe, effective, and non-surgical alternative to  LASIK or similar surgical procedures. The use of Ortho-k has also been demonstrated to effectively manage the progression of myopia in children.

    The corneal reshaping lenses quality of orthokeratology can be used to correct refractive problems such as near-sightedness, astigmatism, and hyperopia. In some cases, it can also be used to correct for presbyopia as well.

    Meet Our Contact Lens Specialist

    Courtney Cane

    Courtney Cane

    Courtney joined our staff in 2021 and currently is our patient coordinator in our call center. She is the first person many of our patients have contact with since she answers most of our phone calls.  She is a graduate of University of North Georgia in Criminal Justice and moved...
    michelle GSP UID 94c68dcf c5fe 4ebc 9c1f af727e5587ea

    Michelle Farquharson

    Optometric Technician
    Michellle joined our practice in April 2021. She is dedicated, dependable, and a team player. Michelle worked as an ophthalmic diagnostic technician in her previous job of almost 20 years in the Boston area. She is a loving mom , MiMi, and wife and in her downtime she loves decorating,...
    gary GSP UID 94c47006 f231 4c18 a8a1 98414606cc8b

    Gary Parham

    Gary joined Five Points Eye Care in May 2021 as an optician. He began a career in the optical field in 1999 as an optical lab technician and received a Dispensing Opticians license in 2004. He is certified by the American Board of Opticianry.  Gary brings an experienced knowledge of optics along with understanding the best fits and style when helping patients find the perfect eyewear for all of their needs. Gary is passionate about helping patients see...
    doctor image

    Our Eye Doctors

    kenzie GSP UID 94c47205 086a 40a9 8ea4 c7cbe10ce3de

    Kenzie Evans

    Business Office
    Kenzie is a part of our business office staff, helping patients when they first arrive for their appointments.  She is also attending Georgia State University to get her bachelor’s degree. She is a big “people person” and loves to interact and work with people. Her goal is to keep a...

    Tracey Williams

    Certified Ophthalmic Technician
    Tracey  joined Five Points Eye Care in November 2020. She is a graduate of Athens Technical College in Medical Assisting and has been in the eye care field for many years. She is a certified ophthalmic assistant and is a part of our clinic staff. Originally from Maxey's, she recently moved to...

    Carley Smith

    Pre-Optometry Student
    Carley joined Five Points Eye Care in 2020 and helps in the optical and clinic. She currently attends the University of Georgia as a student and is on track to graduate with a bachelors degree in biology. After graduating from UGA, Carley plans on attending a school of optometry in...
    Amanda Dunahoo

    Amanda Dunahoo

    Amanda joined Five Points Eye Care in 2019 as an Optician-in-Training.  She has a bachelor’s in fine arts and a master’s in interior design from Brenau University so she loves accessories, from the ones that fill your home to the ones we wear, like beautiful glasses!  She is married with...
    Kenza Abraham

    Kenza Abraham

    Patient Care Coordinator
    Kenza joined our staff in July 2018 as our Patient Care Coordinator, handling our patient phone calls, coordinating our doctor’s schedules and referrals to other offices. She has years of experience with customer service and marketing and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice but has recently decided to join the...
    Amber Evans

    Amber Evans

    Optometric Technician
    Amber started with Five Points Eye Care as an optometric technician in May 2018. She is originally from Covington, GA and now lives in Danielsville, GA with her sons and husband. Her days are mostly spent at the lake, the ballfield, or staying inside to watch a good movie or playing...
    KCWebster preview

    K.C. Webster

    Optician in Training
    Originally from Atlanta, KC moved to Athens around 2014 after living in NYC for some time to be near family and fell in love with the Classic City. She has a background in the Arts, Architectural History and Communications and joined Five Points Eye Care in 2017. She plans to...
    meg GSP UID 950dcc47 14ac 4994 a241 ddb8872e2348

    Meg Brya, F.C.O.V.D. O.D.

    Dr. Meg Brya is a graduate of the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Science in Education as well as a certificate in Woman's Studies. She received further teaching certification in Montessori education and taught elementary education for 7 years in Athens. She then returned to UGA...
    nadine GSP UID 950dcb7c d806 4c02 bb52 31c7898c2d4d

    Nadine Humen Forché M.S. O.D., F.A.A.O.

    Dr. Nadine Humen Forché is a graduate with honors from the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Neurobiology. She was class valedictorian when she received her Doctorate in Optometry from the Ohio State University College of Optometry. She also completed her Master’s Degree in...
    jon GSP UID 950dc983 e792 4982 be88 ad4665d5a16e

    Jon Forché, O.D., F.A.A.O.

    Dr. Jon Forché is a graduate of Miami University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Biological Sciences. He received his Doctorate in Optometry from the Ohio State University College of Optometry. He completed a residency in Low Vision Rehabilitation/Ocular Disease at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical...
    KathyRamsay preview

    Kathy Ramsay

    Business Office Member
    Kathy Ramsay joined Five Points Eye Care in August 2016.  She has always enjoyed helping and working with patients in her many years in the medical field.  Kathy is a member of our business office, helping patients check-out.  She enjoys fishing with her husband on the weekends as well as reading, puzzles,...
    PaulaBleecker preview

    Paula Bleecker

    Business Office Member
    Paula joined our staff in March 2016. Over the years she has working in a variety of medical offices, hospitals, and nursing home settings, but this has been her first experience with eye care. A transplant from Pennsylvania, Paula lives in Athens. She has two grown sons, one in Newnan...
    celeste GSP UID 94c47044 2ff6 496b 96bd 47d90eaef92f

    Celeste Dove

    Optometric Technician
    Celeste joined Five Points Eye Care in August 2015. She is a graduate of Athens Technical College in Medical Assisting and works as one of our technicians as well as is our low vision rehabilitation coordinator. She currently lives in Danielsville with her young daughter. She enjoys reading, spending quality...
    abby GSP UID 94c47029 6692 4bc5 b6b8 2a1970fcc157

    Abby Mason

    Clinic Care Coordinator
    Abby grew up in nearby Jefferson and joined Five Points Eye Care in 2013 after working for several years in the service industry. She started as a full time Optometric technician and became National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) certified in 2017. She is now currently in charge of verifying insurance...
    AprilVaughn2014 preview

    April Vetterkind

    Practice Administrator and Business Office Manager
    As our Practice Administrator and Business Office Manager, April keeps our office running smoothly. She coordinates our business office, clinic and doctors’ schedules, as well as trains new Business Office staff members. April completes special projects for our doctors, handles the office inventory and physical plant upkeep as well as organizes...
    NoemiOsorio preview

    Noemi Osorio

    Vision Therapist
    As a Vision Therapist, Noemi supervises children with various eye problems including amblyopia (lazy eye) and focusing problems as they complete vision training to improve their vision and visual function. Noemi joined our practice in February 2008 and lives in Athens. She is fluent in Spanish, English and American sign language....
    MarieIsreal preview

    Marie Miller

    Billing and Insurance Manager
    Marie has been in the medical field since 1985 and joined our practice in October 2003 as the Front Office Payment Coordinator. Since then, Marie has been promoted to Insurance and Billing Manager, handling all patient billing and insurance questions and claims filing for our practice. As her proficiency in...
    KatieFaucher preview

    Katie Faucher

    Licensed Dispensing Optician
    Katie joined Five Points Eye Care in November 2009. She has a Bachelor in Business Administration with a focus in Finance degree from the University of Michigan where she graduated with distinction.  She was a personal shopper for Ralph Lauren for 2 years and worked at Tiffany & Co. for...

    Nate Sedlacek

    Licensed Dispensing Optician
    Nate Sedlacek joined Five Points Optical in May 2010. Nate is a Licensed Dispensing Optician and comes from a family of opticians including his father, mother and sister.  He is certified by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE).  Nate began his career in...
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