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Vision Therapy Success Stories

woman profile whisperingRead below for some real stories about children who have been helped with our Vision Therapy program:

"Carson (7-years-old) was behind in school and having problems understanding the work. Now, after vision therapy he is reading better and understands what he reads and is finally getting confidence in himself. I would definitely recommend the Vision Therapy program.  Five Points Eye Care Vision Therapy program is great and I wish more parents knew about it. Many problems children have are correctable."  ~Carson's mom, Susan

"Jake (7-years-old) was having difficulty transferring information from school board to paper. He also had some visual processing difficulty. After therapy I noticed his eyes don't twitch or hurt anymore.  Hooorah! I also noticed that he looks at people in the eyes and has more confidence.  On top of that his grades have improved in school.  Would I recommend the Vision therapy? Of course, YES YES YES!!!  Noemi is wonderful with children.  She is very patient and helpful."  ~Jake's mom, Aimee

"Hannah (11-years-old) was not reading at the proper age /grade level. She complained of headaches and losing her place when reading. Now after therapy she reads all the time and takes on harder books instead of lower level books.  Sarah (9-years-old) was reading very slowly, had messy hand writing and complained of eye strain & headaches.  Now she is reading a lot more with no headaches and shows better comprehension.  She enjoys writing in her new Journal!  Would I recommend Vision therapy?  Absolutely- we already have.  It has helped both my girls immensely.  They both are much stronger readers and keep growing thanks to Five Points Eye Care Vision Therapy"  ~Hannah and Sarah's mom, Kate "

Before Vision Therapy Emme (8-years-old) had poor reading skills and lack of focus on work. Now she likes to read and has better focus on work. I would recommend Vision Therapy.  Noemi is a SAINT!  Emme thought her sessions were play time and not a chore or work."  ~Emme's mom, Lisa

"Aidan (10-years-old) failed the motor control test given at school, further testing showed he had oculomotor dysfunction, focusing, visual memory and depth perception problems, too. Aidan has truly been able to enjoy reading a book since starting therapy. A couple of months into therapy he could read Harry Potter for the first time. His grades had been falling to B's and they started going back up after therapy.  I would recommend Vision Therapy. I've been very pleased with the program and didn't believe it would actually work but IT DID!  The program is very organized and explained very well to parents."  ~Aidan's mom, Renee

"Matt (11-years-old) had issues with the alignment of his eyes and focusing problems.  Since Vision Therapy Matt had gained more control over his eye movements and has improved in his reading skills.  I would recommend Vision Therapy.  It has great results if you are willing to put in the time and effort involved.

Will (10-years-old) had a wandering left eye and focusing and tracking difficulties.  He had trouble controlling the movement of his eyes and having them work together to look at whomever was speaking to him.  Will now is able to control his eye movements and they work together much better now. He is finally looking you in the eye during a conversation.  Teachers comment on him improvement on his reading skills.  I would definitely recommend Vision Therapy and I have.  This is an intense program and requires a strong commitment but it is definitely worth participating in it.  We are very pleased with our sons progress.  Noemi is a wonderful therapist, very encouraging and uplifting."  ~Matt and Will's Mom, Jacquie

"Robert's (13-years-old) eyes frequently would not work together and he had attention problems related to visual focus.  After the program he would complain of less headaches.  I would recommend the Five Points Eye Care vision therapy program.  He really enjoyed working with Amye and Noemi."  Robert's mom, Tori

"Jared's (6-years-old) left eye turned inward quite often. Since Vision Therapy his eyes don't turn inward and he does not have to move his to focus out of the corner of his eyes. Yes, I would recommend Five Point Eye Care Centers Vision Therapy program. Why? At the initial evaluation, Jared's vision test scores compared to that of a four-year-old.  Now his test scores are at his age level.  The therapist Noemi was professional as was the whole staff and my son really enjoyed his time at therapy.  I was skeptical at first but the program made me into a believer."  ~Jared's mom, Kim

"Lilly (9-years-old) was failing school, had very poor hand writing, and could not sit to read a book.  After therapy her grades improved to A's & B's, her hand writing improved and can now sit and read for long periods of time.  Her confidence has improved greatly!  I would 100% recommend the Vision Therapy program.  It has made a huge difference in Lilly's life and ours."  ~ Lilly's mom, Ann

"Patrick (10-years-old) had difficulty reading, poor handwriting and copying skills.  His letters were all over the page.  He hated reading because it was too hard for him.  Since Vision Therapy his reading skills have improved, and he complains a lot less now.  His hand writing has also improved.  I would recommend the program.  I am a firm believer now. Vision Therapy helped Patrick to feel successful in school and in other activities."  ~Patrick's mom, Michelle

"James (12-years-old) was behind in reading, writing, spelling, and math. After therapy I saw major improvement in his reading skills.  He no longer omits lines or words.  He is doing better in math, a little better in hand writing.  I would recommend vision therapy.  I never knew vision therapy problems were the reason why James was so behind.  I wish we had known about it earlier, so we could have done vision therapy before he got so far behind.  Most people I speak to have never heard of it, even teachers."  ~James' mom, Susan