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Noemi Osorio

Noemi Osorio
Vision Therapist

As a Vision Therapist, Noemi supervises children with various eye problems including amblyopia (lazy eye) and focusing problems as they complete vision training to improve their vision and visual function. Noemi joined our practice in February 2008 and lives in Athens. She is fluent in Spanish, English and American sign language. She enjoys pet sitting, singing, dancing, traveling, and playing Pokémon Go.

End of Year Reflections:

What do you love about working in Optometry?

We only get one set of eyes, knowing we improve people’s quality of life is very rewarding.

Why do you love working at Five Points Eye Care?

The atmosphere, the employees and we have amazing Doctors! Everyone here is amazing, fun, loving and kind. (Which is why I’ve been here 14 years.)

What’s your favorite positive patient story?

Seeing patients successfully do the orthokeratology program warms my heart. One patient who plays sports was sick of wearing glasses and now he can comfortably play sports and go swimming without the need of any correction during the day.