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Courtney Cane

Courtney Cane

Courtney joined our staff in 2021 and currently is our patient coordinator in our call center. She is the first person many of our patients have contact with since she answers most of our phone calls.  She is a graduate of University of North Georgia in Criminal Justice and moved to Madison County, Georgia in 2013 where I met the love of her life, Josh. She has 3 very energetic boys, Kason, Grayson, and Charlie and spends most, if not all her time, outside of work with her family. She also has 2 dogs, a Labrador Retriever (Ranger) and a Weimaraner (Fisher). She enjoys the outdoors, reading, racing, and watching her children play sports. 

What do you love about working in Optometry?

I am very much a people person. I love talking to people daily. For me (as I am in the Call Center), I am really the first person a patient speaks to when they call our office. I love being able to help the patient schedule their appointment, order contacts, etc. It gives me a chance to get to know the patient a little bit through our small talk.

Why do you love working at Five Points Eye Care?

Everyone and I mean Everyone is so nice and compassionate. I’ve never worked or been in a setting where everyone friendly and enjoys being a part of a team. I love being behind the scenes of things and being able to schedule a patient’s appointment but also call them after their appointment to follow up and see how things went.

What’s your favorite positive patient story?

When I first started working here, I was clueless on Optometry. I had no idea how to order contacts or what certain terminology means. I asked tons of questions (probably more than I should have). A few months in, a new patient called to schedule an eye exam. The patient had tons of questions, just like me. I couldn’t answer all her questions but assured her that I would call her back with those answers. A short while later, I called her back and answered every question she had. The patient came to her appointment a few days later and then I found a card in my box from her. It was so sweet, and it made me feel like I had accomplished something so amazing!