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Mom & Son Vision Therapy Testimonial

Okay. The first issue that we noticed was with him being able to track. But mainly just like, you know, with an object is where it first started. But we found out that he had issues with tracking. He was having issues, seeing double which, you know, both of those things ended up affecting like school type activities and sports activities, and also just, you know, every day things that he was having to do.

Frustrating for you.

Yeah. Well, we noticed that a lot in school, in sports and stuff.

Well, mom, what kind of improvements did you see going through vision therapy and after vision therapy? 

His attention improved. And then we definitely saw an improvement in his reading levels. He started out the year doing, like, being like an A/B student. And then by the end of the year, he was on honor rolls. His handwriting improved a lot. He's able to also do things more independently just in day to day. Seth did things that like was absolutely not possible at all, was attempting to tie his shoes, which he's actually getting the hang up now. So, I mean, just simple things like that.

Well, last question. What do you think the key to success is for vision therapy? Just in your own words?

I think for us without a doubt as hard as it sometimes was to get through, was the work that we did at home. As a teacher, I realize, you know, the importance of regular interventions and how they can, you know, positively impact. So I was a stickler, like she said, we're going to do this five times a week. We are doing this five times a week. And he said, I just think doing it daily. You know, as prescribed basically just being persistent.