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  • Dr. Ann Morrison visits

    Posted on 06/04/2014
    Dr. Ann Morrison visits

    We were so happy to see one of our former externs
    yesterday!  Dr. Ann Morrison graduated in May and will be
    doing a combined residency and Master's Degree in pediatrics
    at Ohio State University College of Optometry. 
    Congratulations, Dr. Morrison!

  • Congrats to our externs who are now doctors!

    Posted on 05/09/2014
    Congrats to our externs who are now doctors!

    Five Points Eye Care wishes our former externs, Michelle Quinn,
    Ann Morrison and Michael Do, the best in their careers as
    optometrists!  We know you will all be very successful and
    caring doctors.

  • Dr. Jon interviewed by Georgia Radio Reading Services

    Posted on 03/26/2014
    Dr. Jon interviewed by Georgia Radio Reading Services

    Dr. Jon being interviewed by Ken Trayna of Georgia Radio Reading Services at Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia. Dr. Jon explained how the agency can help the visually impaired and what he does as a residency trained optometrist for their patients.

  • Congrats to April and Shawn!

    Posted on 03/03/2014
    Congrats to April and Shawn!

    Every month, we have our employees nominate another employee for our "Fred Award". A "Fred" is someone who goes out of their way to uphold our practice core values of Excellence in Eye Care, Patients Come First and Lead by Example. As a practice, we not only want our employees to come to work to get the days jobs done, but to strive to work harder each and every day for the sake of the practice as a whole.

    In January the Fred Award went to Shawn Calloway and in February it went to April Vaughn because each stood out as a team leader and went above and beyond in making our office a better place.  We are proud to have them on our staff.  Congratulations Shawn and April!

  • Amye Donahoo now a Certified Contact Lens Technician!

    Posted on 01/17/2014
    Amye Donahoo now a Certified Contact Lens Technician!

    Congratulations to Amye Donahoo for passing her National Contact Lens Examiners examination last week!  After several months of studying she is now a certified contact lens technician who can evaluate contact lenses on the eye and work with the doctors at Five Points Eye Care to make sure our patients achieve the best vision and comfort with their contact lenses.  We are proud of you, Amye!

  • Happy Holidays from Five Points Eye Care!

    Posted on 12/18/2013
    Happy Holidays from Five Points Eye Care!

    We want to thank all of our patients for choosing us for
    their eye care needs.  We are honored to be a part of
    your health care team, helping you keep your eyes healthy and
    your vision sharp.  In order to spend time with family,
    we will close at 4 PM on Christmas Eve and be closed on
    Christmas Day.  We will also close at 1 PM on New
    Year's Eve and be closed on New Year's Day.  Please
    call 706-543-2020 to page the doctor on call if you have an
    eye emergency during those times.

  • New Device Offers Hope to People Blinded Due to Eye Diseases

    Posted on 11/20/2013
    New Device Offers Hope to People Blinded Due to Eye Diseases

    Retinal Implant System Research Provides Positive Results for People with Genetic Eye Disease

    NEW ORLEANS: Nov. 16, 2013 Research presented today at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology shows promising data about a device that helps people who have lost their vision due to a blinding genetic disease to recognize common objects. In the study, the researchers found when the objects' outlines had been enhanced, there was increased recognition. The device, called the Argus II, is the first FDA-approved retinal implant for adults with retinitis pigmentosa.  

    Retinitis pigmentosa is a group of genetic disorders that affect the retina's ability to respond to light. The disease, which is inherited and affects about 1 in 4,000 Americans, causes slow loss of vision, beginning with decreased night vision and loss of peripheral vision and eventually leads to blindness.

    Up to one-quarter of all patients with retinitis pigmentosa will become legally blind in both eyes. There is currently no cure for retinitis pigmentosa.

    The Argus II retinal prosthesis is a system in which a miniature video camera is housed in the subject's glasses and sends information to a patient-worn video processing unit where the image captured by the camera is processed into instructions which are then transmitted wirelessly to a retinal implant fitted with 60 electrodes. These electrodes pulse to stimulate cells in the retina, transmitting visual information along the optic nerve to the brain, creating the perception of patterns of light.  

    In the study, eight patients wearing the retinal prosthesis were asked to identify white or metallic objects against a dark background, then were asked to identify the same objects with enhanced outlines. The tests were done in three ways: with the retinal prosthesis turned on in a standard mode, in a scrambled mode as a positive control, and turned off as a negative control.

    The results for solid object identification rose from 12.5 percent correct with the device switched off to 32.8 percent with the device on with 26.2 percent correct identification when the device was scrambled. Results for the outlined object identification were at 9.4 percent with the device turned off and 41.4 percent with the device on, with 20.7 percent correct identification in scrambled mode.

    "Despite the small sample size, statistically the results have achieved significance due to the magnitude of change in the performance of the use of the device within each subject." said Yvonne Luo, MA, FRCOphth, of London's Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and lead researcher on the study. "Moreover, these subjects represent people with the most severe form of the disease."

    The Argus II is the only device currently on the market in the United States and is one of several devices intended to help people suffering from this disease. Other devices and therapies in development include an implanted microchip, electrical stimulation therapy, implantable capsules of timed-release medication, nutrient therapies to reduce retinal damage and gene therapies to halt or reverse retinitis pigmentosa. Another study on this device will be presented on Monday and will review the initial results of a 30 subject study, adverse events post-implant, system reliability and visual function results.

  • Dr. Nadine Forche' elected Chair of Board of Trustees

    Posted on 10/23/2013
    Dr. Nadine Forche

    Dr. Nadine Forche' was recently elected as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Optometric Association at their fall continuing education conference.  The Georgia Optometric Association is a statewide, professional organization that represents over 700 optometrists throughout Georgia.  Dr. Forche' has served as the Trustee for the Northeast District of the Georgia Optometric Association since 2006 and is in her fifth year as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. 

  • Dr. Jon Forche' Will Be Featured On CW69's Focus Atlanta Program

    Posted on 10/04/2013
    Dr. Jon Forche

    Dr. Jon Forche' was recently filmed to discuss the importance of glaucoma and vision impairment on CW 69 Focus Atlanta, a locally produced community affairs program.  Dr. Jon Forche', an optometrist at Five Points Eye Care and the only residency-trained low vision rehabilitation specialist in the Athens area, dedicates himself to help patients who have lost sight from glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye diseases.  The taping will air on CW69 on Sunday, October 6th at Noon.  Set your recording devices!

  • Tom Ford frames and suns are here!

    Posted on 08/28/2013
    Tom Ford frames and suns are here!

    We are the only place in the Athens area to get Tom Ford frames!  Today our sales representative from the exclusive line came to show our staff and doctors these amazing frames.  They honestly look good on everyone - nevermind the fact that all the stars wear them!

  • Want to know more about our bulldog in the front yard?

    Posted on 07/31/2013
    Want to know more about our bulldog in the front yard?

    Our beloved bulldog, Dr. C.I. Dawg, was created by Dr. Nadine Forche and staff member Amye Donahoo.  We created a brief video on what he looked like "naked" to the final product.  Click here to learn more about our dog who sports a visual acuity chart and Harry Potter-like frames!

  • A new model for our frames

    Posted on 06/24/2013
    A new model for our frames

    Drs. Jon and Nadine's daughter, Addie, became our newest model for our frames when she got her first pair of glasses last week.  Since both doctors have myopia (nearsightedness) their children have a 30-40% chance of having myopia, too.  We think Addie looks beautiful in her new OGI frames!

  • Costa Del Mar New Ladies Sunglasses

    Posted on 05/31/2013
    Costa Del Mar New Ladies Sunglasses

    Costa Del Mar has introduced new ladies sunglasses in some fun colors!  Stop by our optical to see their new look!

  • Welcome Abby Mason!

    Posted on 05/13/2013
    Welcome Abby Mason!

    We welcome our newest staff member, Abby Mason, to our Five
    Points Eye Care family!  Abby grew up in Jefferson and
    worked in the service industry for several years before joining
    our staff as an optometric technician.  Abby is looking
    forward to helping us keep our patients happy and seeing well!

  • Come Run with the Dawgs!

    Posted on 04/30/2013
    Come Run with the Dawgs!

    Our office is a proud sponsor of the Athens Oconee Junior Woman's Club Running with the Dawgs 5K race held yearly on Memorial Day.  This year Dr. Nadine Forche' painted the tabletop bulldog that gets raffled off to a lucky runner - he is wearing a patriotic shirt, runners watch and shows his support of the University of Georgia in his running gear.

  • Drs. Jon and Nadine become Diplomates in the American Board of Optometry

    Posted on 03/18/2013
    Drs. Jon and Nadine become Diplomates in the American Board of Optometry

    Drs. Jon and Nadine Forche' are proud to announce that they are now Diplomates of the American Board of Optometry.  In order to become Diplomates they passed a rigorous examination, exhibiting a level of clinical competence recognizing them as board certified optometrists.  By achieving this Diplomate status they have demonstrated their intent to commit to a lifelong learning in their profession.  Click here for more information about the American Board of Optometry.

  • Lyndon House Arts Center Purchase Award

    Posted on 03/03/2013
    Lyndon House Arts Center Purchase Award

    Drs. Jon and Nadine Forche' are avid supporters of local artists, recently sponsoring the Annual Gala at the Georgia Museum of Art and The Lyndon House Arts Center where they purchased a painting tiled "Pitcher Plants" by Keara Conner.  Addie and Hayden Forche show off the painting at the open house for the juried exhibition.  Check it out!  It runs through May 4th and there are beautiful pieces by local artists.

  • Dr. Nadine Forche visits the Capitol

    Posted on 02/02/2013
    Dr. Nadine Forche visits the Capitol

    On February 2, 2013 Dr. Nadine Forche' met with local Athens
    and Georgia legislators with the Georgia Optometric Association
    (GOA).  She is the current Chair of the GOA Board of
    Trustees and also serves as the Coordinator of the Third Party
    Committee for the GOA.  Pictured left to right are Ross
    Montgomery (Five Points Eye Care Intern), Lieutenant Governor
    Casey Cagle, Dr. Nadine Forche', Dr. Glenda Brown (GOA
    President-Elect), Dr. Lauren Hacker and Senator Renee Unterman.

  • Happy holidays from the Five Points Eye Care staff!

    Posted on 12/17/2012
    Happy holidays from the Five Points Eye Care staff!

    Here's a picture of our staff and families from our annual
    staff appreciation party on December 13th.  To celebrate
    with loved ones the office will be closed December 24th and
    25th, as well as on January 1st.  We will have shortened
    hours on December 31st with the office closing at 2 PM. 
    For any emergencies, please call our office number 706-543-2020
    and the on-call doctor will be paged.  We wish you all a
    beautiful holiday season! 

  • Our bulldog was featured in the Grady News!

    Posted on 11/15/2012
    Our bulldog was featured in the Grady News!

    By Chelsea Anderson and Abby Johnson

    Athens, GA (Grady News Digest)- Everywhere you go in Athens, you are bound to see a statue of a four-foot bulldog.

    There are painted statues of bulldogs all throughout Athens. In 2002, these dogs were placed by the Athens-Oconee Junior Womans Club as an art exhibit for local artists to show their creativity. Artists painted 36 of them and scattered them throughout the city. Just a few of the many places include BB&T bank, Memorial Park, and Chick-Fil-A. Athens resident, Mart Hopkins says, "I see stone bulldogs everywhere in Athens. They are all painted differently and you never know where you're gonna see them because they pop up everywhere."

    It isn't uncommon to see the dogs symbolizing the businesses who own them. This is shown in the Georgia Power dog who is wearing a hard hat, Steak N' Shake dog who has on a waiter's uniform, and the Jittery Joes dog who is decorated in coffee cups.

    Bulldog Owner, Dr. Nadine Forche, says, "We purchased it in 2009 and we got it because we had lost the two big trees in our front yard. One of our staff members said, you know we should get one of those dogs and so I got one. We painted it and it took a long time.  It was a labor of love (sic)." Just like most bulldogs, it represents what the business is all about. He has glasses, an eye chart, and if you look closely, eyeballs on his pants.

    The seeing eye dog hasn't always lived here. "They only had the rights to have them in those public places for a certain amount of time. So when that expired, they raffled them off and that's when they donated the money to AIDS Athens." says Dr. Nadine Forche.

    20,000 dollars to be exact.

    Click here for the Grady Journalism video.